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Safety is a top priority at Reed Veterinary Services. That includes the safety of the client (you), the patient, and the doctor and staff that come out to service you and your pet. If your pet cannot be safely muzzled, handled or placed in a carrier by you, then we cannot provide your pet with the quality care it deserves. To keep everyone safe, chemical/ physical restraint may be required. Additional charges may be incurred for this extra restraint. The safety of everyone is very important. The veterinarian does reserve the right not to proceed with an exam if a physical threat is posed to either party. The veterinarian reserves the right to not proceed with an exam if the client refuses chemical/ physical restraint deemed appropriate by the veterinarian to ensure the safety of all parties involved. 

Here at Reed Veterinary Services, we treat everyone with kindness and respect and we expect the same in return.


What zip codes are we currently servicing? (Restrictions may apply)

48025, 48322, 48323, 48324, 48331, 48334, 48390, 48382, 48386, 48390, 48393, 48382, 48386, 48390, 48393, 48025, 48034, 48322, 48323, 48334, 48335, 48336, 48377, 48327, 48382, 48383, 48386, 48327, 48328, 48329, 48346, 48348, 48165, 48356, 48380, 48381, 48038, 48310, 48312, 48313, 48314, 48315,

48316, 48317, 48038, 48310, 48312, 48313, 48314, 48315, 48316, 48317, 48167, 48170, 48335, 48374, 48375, 48377, 48221, 48150, 48152, 48154, 48170, 48185, 48239, 48240, 48335, 48336, 48098, 48306, 48307, 48309, 48326, 48167, 48331, 48335, 48374, 48375, 48377, 48390, 48221, 48393, 48170, 48187, 48188


What to know before booking an appointment

We are so excited to meet your furry family member! Here at Reed Veterinary Services, we are committed to quality care and compassion. In order for the doctor to thoroughly examine the patient, here are some things to know:

I understand that this mobile clinic is committed to the safety of the staff and veterinarian. There will be a trained veterinarian assistant with the veterinarian that specializes in safe restraint. The veterinarian will ask if you feel comfortable handling/ muzzling your pet if he or she needs to be. If the owner agrees to this and injury to the owner occurs, Reed Veterinary Services, LLC is not responsible for any related injury. 


Since we travel to you, a reasonable travel/ convenience fee is required at least 24 hours prior to the veterinarian coming to your home. Any additional services/diagnostic services/ treatments will be additional. 


Veterinarian house calls are a luxury due to the convenience of the veterinarian traveling to your home and the services that will be rendered. There are additional costs that are incurred to account for travel. The prices of our products, services, diagnostics, and treatments closely resemble what you would pay at a physical veterinarian clinic/ hospital. Low-cost clinics are an option if finances are restricted. We are also happy to say that we offer Care Credit for any client who may find interest in pet insurance to help offset veterinary costs! 


We have a mobile service.  Although we do offer blood work and other diagnostics, we are not currently offering x-rays, in-house blood work, or ultrasound. If the patient is in a life-threatening state, an ER or general practice may be suggested after the veterinarian performs a full assessment and physical exam of the patient. ER service suggestions will be provided at the time of the appointment if the veterinarian deems it necessary.



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