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What Services Do We Offer?

General Health Comprehensive Exam

Temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, and the patient's weight are obtained at EVERY appointment. Heart and lung auscultation is performed (recorded EKG to rule out heart murmur/ arrhythmia). An otic exam, ocular exam, abdominal palpation, palpation of peripheral lymph nodes, a brief neurologic exam (proprioception check, dazzle/menace reflexes) and a brief musculoskeletal exam are included in the exam and evaluation.


*Rectal exams are not routine unless the patient is symptomatic to reduce trauma. The surrounding rectal tissue will be examined, and anal glands can be expressed upon request for an additional fee.

House Call Comprehensive Exam- Sick - $78.00 (Limited to the mobile practice’s capabilities. Feasibility will be determined at time of booking)

House Call Comprehensive Exam - Wellness Visit - $62.00

Deposit/Travel Fee- $45.00 (This is the convenience + travel fee. The deposit must be paid 24 hours before the veterinarian appointment.) This fee is IN ADDITION to the house call. Multiple pet households do get charged as ONE deposit/ travel fee.


Feline Wellness Vaccines: FVRCP, FeLV, Rabies (1 yr, 3 yr)

Canine Wellness Vaccines: Bordetella, DHPP (1yr), Leptospirosis, Rabies (1 yr, 3 yr)

DHPP- $28.00 (1 yr, Canine)

Rabies- $27.99 (1 yr, Canine)  $40.00 (3 yr, Canine)

Canine Influenza H3/N2- $36.00 

Leptospirosis- $28.99 (1yr Canine)

Bordetella (oral)- $26.99 (1yr Canine)

Lyme- $40.00 (Canine)

FELV/FIV - $38.00 (1 yr, Feline) 

FVRCP- $30.00 ( 1 yr, Feline)

Feline Rabies- $32.99 (1 yr Feline) $41.99 (3 yr Feline)


  • Ear Cytology, Ear Cleaning, Skin Cytology, Skin scrape, Fluorescein Eye Stain

  • Schirmer Tear testing (to rule out Dry Eye (Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca)

  • Deep Ear Cleaning +/- medication instillation

  • Canine Parvo Diagnostic test

  • In House Heartworm snap test

  • Blood work (24 hour turn-around time)- Comprehensive blood work

  • Urinalysis, Fecal Send out

Blood Work/ Diagnostic Panels

Geriatric Panel (Recommended for patients 6 years and up) Includes complete blood cell count, blood chemistry, electrolytes, SDMA, free T4 (thyroid), urinalysis & phone consultation with the veterinarian. Recommended for pets age 6+ years of age:  $195.00

Young Wellness Panel (Recommended for patients 2 years and younger) Includes complete blood cell count, blood chemistry, SDMA & phone consultation with the veterinarian. Recommended for well pets under 1-2 years : $105.99

Adult Wellness Panel (Recommended for pets age 3-6 years of age) Includes complete blood cell count, blood chemistry, electrolytes, SDMA, urinalysis & phone consultation with veterinarian. : $165.00

Heartworm Snap Test (In House, instant results) $39.00

Heartworm Test (Send out) (Recommended once yearly and a test is required for doctor to dispense heart worm prevention) $22.00


Lab 4 Dx + Fecal Dx Profile $52.00 (Fecal testing/ evaluation is recommended twice yearly per the CDC due to public health/zoonosis threat)

Fecal (Send Out) $31.00

Parvo In House Snap Test (instant results) $75.00

Felv/ FIV TEST $59.00

Urinalysis $55.00

All other Diagnostic tests as recommended by Dr. Reed will be communicated at the time of appointment after the doctor evaluates the patient.

Additional Services 

Ear Cleaning (Routine) (Deep Ear Cleaning) $23.00

Ear Cytology (Microscopic Interpretation) $25.00

Nail Trim (Routine) $17.00

Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy $23.00

Anal Gland Expression +/- Infusion of meds $17.00

Mass Aspirate + cytology $26.99


Euthanasia Compassionate care and a loving bedside manner is a top priority at Reed Veterinary Services. We also provide aftercare/cremation/memorabilia options in remembrance of your beloved pet for an additional charge. Price varies.

Telehealth Consultation (30 minutes) Speak with a licensed veterinarian for 30 minutes about your concerns and construct a plan for next steps $40.00



Our prices are closely related to what you would find at a traditional veterinary clinic. The convenience of having the veterinarian come to your home will incur a cost to account for reasonable travel fees. We are happy to say that we do accept Care Credit. Visit www. for financing options.

There are also low-cost vaccine clinics that are available if pricing is not feasible. Ask the veterinarian today for suggestions on where to go for more affordable pricing. The safety and health of your pet is of utmost concern!


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